What is a domain name?


What is a domain name?


Domain name, just like maps, establishes an entity on the web. It helps a person locate a web page on the internet. Domain names are defined in Domain Names System (DNS). They can easily be mistaken with URLs due to the universality. Each segment of a domain name offers some facts which are used by a web browser to identify a specific website. They tend to be short and clear to recall. It is divided into three parts;





    • .com- organizations purpose e.g. Commercial (.com), networking (.net), governmental organization (govt) and nongovernmental organization (.org). It is top-level domain.


    • .example – the actual name or description of the entity. It is second-level domain.


    • www. –It is the specific host server



It is possible to add a sub domain name preceded by a dot after the regular name, e.g. www.example.example2.com


Tips for Selecting a Cool Catchy Domain Names



    • Should be memorable – A great domain should stick in a person’s mind easily. This makes it easy to distinguish it among millions of other already taken names.


    • Should include the name of the geographical area. – It is not mandatory, but including the name of a place, say, the city where the organization located. It makes clients quickly locate the business.


    • No hyphens and numbers – Numbers and hyphens are ambiguous. If the name is said out, it will be difficult to know if they are spellings or numerals. Besides, a long string of numbers in the address is hard to memorize. If numbers must be used, they should be few, accompanying an alphabetical name.


    • The type of extension is important – do not, for example, use .com extension on a charity organization. It is not a profit making commercial organization. A great brandable domain name has a descriptive extension.


    • Protect the brand – Calvin Klein, an apparel company, fiercely defended its .ck domain name from cyber squatters who tried to register it. All various forms looking similar to your initial domain should be bought.


    • Involve keywords – This makes the domain name self descriptive. A supermarket trying to create a domain name should include the word ‘supermarket’ in it.


    • Creativity sells – A person should try tweak words or come up with combinations that are instantly capturing. Site such as Tumblr, and Shopify garnered considerable fame due to their appeal.


    • Try translating to come up with new words – A creative business name can be translated into another language, say French, to come up with related pronunciation.


  • Stitching related words – creating a pool of many related words (50 or over) and selecting any two or three that makes a presentable description.